sabato 1 giugno 2013

Democratic Emergency in Turkey

Riots in Istanbul 

«My dear friends all over the world, We need you. I wouldn't ask anyone to share anything if it wasn't this urgent. 
Turkish Democracy and Freedom needs you RIGHT NOW!
 If you believe in Democracy, Peace, Freedom of Speech, we need your awareness of the situation in Turkey right now. Please share this». 

This way starts a message that is actually circulating on the web, after police started a brutal repression in center Istanbul against an Occupy-style movement has taken off in turkish city. The protesters were acting against the demolition of a park provided in the redevelopment plan. But, obviusly, this is only the last straw. The issue is political and concerns the authoritative attitude of Erdogan government. «This is more than an environmental protest – explains Richard Seymour on the Guardian – It has become a lightning conductor for all the grievances accumulated against the government»
«Erdogan has been planting hatred seeds into the hearts of the Turks – says a Turkish young man, a friend of mine who now lives in London but has a lot of connection with his country – now our country is harvesting. Because his increasing success at the polls, he has started to think the is the new Sultan. He has been pressuring people who do not think like him, especially secular Turks (for example by introducing alcohol bans, and so on). It is also very interesting that he has complete control over the Turkish justice system».
The AKP – Erdognan political party - represents a peculiar type of conservative populism. It has never needed the left or the labour movement, which it has repressed. It no longer needs the liberals, as its attacks on women's reproductive rights, and its imposition of alcohol-free zones, show. While denying it is a religious party, it has used the politics of piety to gain a popular base and to strengthen the urban rightwing.
«Turkish police is attacking peaceful protesters violently with tear gas, water cannon and plastic bullets directly targeting their faces and bodies. Dozens of protesters are hospitalized – says the letter – Turkish media, directly controlled by the government, refuse to cover the incidents. Press agencies also blocked the information flow. What started as a peaceful demonstrations for preserving a recreational area in Istanbul city center Taksim square, (which is planned to be demolished for the construction of a shopping mall) become a violent terrorism act of the Turkish Police, to its own people.
«The the government have declared war on secularism, freedom and anyone who doesn't agree with them, from atheists to homosexuals, from socialists to environmentalists can be violently repressed.
Our country was no different than your's. We had the same rights. Now they are trying to take our rights away and we are trying to keep them.
PLEASE SHARE THIS and help me create awareness so we can give the power back to the people! »
I’m going to follow the situation. Stay tuned.

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