lunedì 3 giugno 2013

Update from Turkey

Turkish Police crashing a window and firing gas capsules into a flat

Here some notes on Erdogan’s tv appearence on tv, from a Turkish friend of mine, Yurdakul Celebi.

«Today, turkish pm was on tv. I was personally very hopeful that he would give a peaceful speech to end all riots in turkey... He disappointed me and most of my friends, including the ones who voted for him. He declared he is not going to seek any permission from anyone! He will do what he has decided to do! The tv presenter seemed scared talking to him.
He called everyone who takes alcohol (even once in a while) as alcoholics! when the presenter reminded him some of these may have voted for him, pm responded "then they cannot be categorised as alcoholics!"
Many tv channels in turkey not showing any of the clashes live! and people of turkey is very angry at them for the censorship. Rioters turn live broadcast vehicles upside down whenever they find one!
After this irresponsible tv interview, now, things got worse and worse... there are clashes in tens of cities...
And our prime minister taking an official trip to some african countries, leaving the trouble and people of turkey behind...» 

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  1. Grande Diletta, meglio di Santoro! Sempre sulle notizie più interessanti....

    1. Troppo gentile, Giuseppe! Semplicemente ho la fortuna di avere un amico turco che vive a Londra e che dispone di una serie di materiali (video, informazioni...) di prima mano.