lunedì 10 giugno 2013

Gezipark Philharmonic

Member of many Turkish Orchestras and freelance musicians giving a concert in Gezi Park. 

I publish once again some notes from a Turkish friend of mine, Yurdakul Celebi.

There are many politicians in Turkey who have common sense including President Gul. They have been trying to calm things down. However, they cannot do much because, Mr Erdogan is the absolute leader of his party and the country.
The issue is Mr Erdogan's attitude. He acts like he does not want to calm things down. He has been avoiding to give a simple apology to those who have suffered from the police's treatment. He still insists on demolishing the park. He still accuses protesters as marginals and terrorists. So, nothing changes on his side. It looks like he did not get the message from people at all.
Since the police has withdrawn, Taksim square has become a festival place. A lot of people gather there, they sing together, act together, read together, pray together, share their food with each other.

I must say, I have never seen Taksim this peaceful.
We will see what happens next...

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